Hospitality & Cocktail Consultancy

Turning Your

Passion into Profit

Hospitality for most is a passion, creating bonds with guests and delivering exceptional experiences and products.

But is your passion enough to create a sustainable product?

Does your passion translate to the customer?

With 15 years of global hospitality experience; from cruise ships to launching top hotels, developing pubs to making the best of basic coffee shops, The Bar Keep has always maintained the mindset that with a determined product and a positive and passionate outlook, you can make any business productive and most importantly profitable! 



Looking At The Whole Picture

Considering your USP, perfecting your staff training, Creating,  developing and costing your product whether that is a high end cocktail offering,

Beers & wines or pizza & Tapas.

Together with  marketing your brand. We will cover everything and anything that is required to make your business a success.


Menu Generation

About Your Brand, For Your Customer

Often the hardest part of a food or drink business is the menu, whether it be a cocktail or gin menu or an on brand food offering.

How much do you charge? 

What do you sell?

Who designs and names your cocktails?

Does the menu look appealing?

Are the menu items time effective?

Creating a menu that expresses your brand to the market you desire which also gives the amount of margin required to create profitable business, is all the important elements you need to consider.

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