Hey… I am The Barkeep, a spirit and flavour enthusiast, a mixologist, barista and aspiring cook.

Originally from Worcestershire I have been lucky enough to spend my last 12 years working all over the world  from pubs, coffee shops & bars to Cruise ships restaurants & hotels,

which has enable me to experience the world of cocktails around the globe first hand!!

Now fate has brought me back home to Worcester only to find that on our very doorstep we can find some awesome bartenders, unique bars and delicious cocktails, without needing to travel thousands of miles.

Follow me on this trail of Worcestershire to get to know these bartenders, what inspires the incredible cocktails they are mixing, shaking and stirring, and the epic bars where they get to show off their stuff, whilst I throw in my tricks and recipes for making the tastiest cocktails yourself at home without all the fuss.

Be sure to check out my Instagram below to keep up to date with my daily journey!!